Lyn O'Hara Counseling
Core Energetic Healing

About Lyn

Lyn O'Hara lives in Sedona and does energy healing over the phone. As a gifted counselor with over 20 years experience, she facilitates clients throughout the United States and also internationally in natural healing. Her gentle approach helps people advance to their next step in personal growth and spiritual development.

Lyn has augmented her intuitive abilities with many training courses, such as Sacred Arts Institute (3 years), Dahn Hak Healer School (1 year) and Teacher Training with Oneness University

Do you identify with any of these needs?

Open love in your life

Increase ability to receive love

Have healthy relationships

Tap into your creativity

Heal relationships

Heal the emotional pain of the past

Stop repeating unhealthy life patterns

Establish new pathways

Establish balance in work, life, relationships

Heal the inner child

Call Lyn (928) 282-9359(928) 282-9359

$120.00 US funds per hour