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About Michael

Michael has experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Self-Esteem Coach and Mentor and a Self-Help Author and Writer. As a Personal Growth Seminar Leader, he has taught professionals, nonprofessionals and parents with troubled teenage girls in the United States, Canada and Brazil for over 20 years.

Michael as a certified Residential Coach and Mentor has over 13 years’ experience teaching teen’s self-awareness, self-esteem and self-reliance. He has over 35 years’ experience as a holistic health practitioner with a B.A in Sacred Healing and is a certified Professional Bowenwork Practitioner.

He has dedicated his life for over 35 years, discovering and healing himself and others emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Michael offers top tips on his blog for codependency recovery, emotional health, emotional healing, energy healing, inner child healing, self-esteem, stress relief, and spiritual awakening.

Michael also offers Bowen Therapy in person in Sedona, Arizona. Bowen Therapy stimulates the body to heal itself of physical and emotional pain and trauma.  

Read 140 articles  on energy healing and spiritual awakening on Michael's website